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Performing provides experiential learning. It reinforces the skills and concepts which are learnt in music lessons, promotes emotional and social well-being, organisation and teamwork.



Summer concert 2021

Summer butterfly

Thank you to all who contributed to our first ever virtual Summer concert.



Featuring - James, Josie, Ethan, Thomas, Louis and Becca, Leo, Ella, Laia, Jimmy, Amaius, Alice, Sophia, Emily, Rebecca, Felicity, Oliver, Arianna, Emmeline, Oskar, Samuel, Eliza, Beatrice, Aura, Eliana, Marlow, Holly, Elouise, Madeleine, Finn, Iliana, Florence, ZoƩ-Li, Ibby, Ibsa, Tate, Clara, Julian.



Christmas concert 2020

Christmas bells

Thank you to all who contributed to our first ever virtual Christmas concert.



Part 1

Featuring - Emilia, James, Louie, Poppy, Jimmy, Olivia, Ella, Skyla, Tomas, Shaina, Ayush, Hugo, George, Freddie, Julia, Sienna, Casper, Madeleine, Elouise, Jason, Maya, Oscar, Oliver, Felicity.




Part 2

Featuring - Ellie, Fatima, Florence, Emily, Elsie, Martin, Isabelle, Elodie, Ojas, Sebastian, Milla, Charlie, Eleanor, Malena, Lucy, Om, Sara, Arianna, Melody, Vedant, Eliana, Flores, Dominic, Emily, Sophia, Amaius.




Part 3

Featuring - Alice, Samuel, Imogen, Austin, Georgia, Lara, Hari, Ethan, Amelia, Alba, Ryan, Leo, Botond, Lola, Amelie, Charles, Madeleine and Joseph, Maitreya, Josiah, Sylwia, Aleksandra, Carter, Frederico, Sasha, Luke, Emily.