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GIFT CARD/ VOUCHERS for Music Lessons

We are confident our teachers provide the best and most enjoyable teaching available. We recognise that investing in a musical education is not inexpensive, albeit the rewards are manifold.


If you are hesitant about music lessons, we can offer one of two trial possibilities to help you decide –


  •   One 20-minute lesson for free
Or     •   Three 30-minute lessons for a discounted total cost of £45


The above prices apply to a trial either at our studios, a home visit within one mile of our studios or online. The trial cannot be taken in conjunction with any other discount or promotional offer.


Once you have identified for yourself that our belief in our teachers is justified, the following lesson prices would apply:


Studio Lessons


20 minutes: From £14*
30 minutes: From £21*
45 minutes: From £31.50*
60 minutes: From £42*


Home Visits


30 minutes: From £24*
45 minutes: From £36*
60 minutes: From £48*


*Our pricing options offer varying flexibility for cancelling/rescheduling pre-booked lessons. The exact price of a lesson is dependent on the option you choose. Additionally, for home visits the final price is subject to the area visited.


Family Discount

If two or more family members are taking individual lessons, we automatically provide a 5% discount.


Over 60s; Special Needs; Disabled; Lessons taken before 3pm weekday

A 10% discount applies.



Pricing information


All lessons are payable in advance.


How to pay


We provide several ways to make payments.